Take what you bring with you home and dispose of it there. The Venue must be respected and treasured as the gift it is. Please treat it as such and keep it clean.


By attending this event you are acknowledging you are part of something special.   A community of people based all over this planet that loves music, outdoor festivals, alternative culture and new experiences. Regardless of where you come from or where you are headed, you are part of this community, as is everyone around you at this event, so look after yourself, those around you and bring good vibes only! Festivals are about the gathering of like minds, and some are more practiced then others, so be patient and help guide those around you who are still new to the experience. Take what you experience and feel at Universal Mind back to your daily lives and let’s work together to make this world a better place for all. United!


We are blessed with a beautiful venue, surrounded by a community that lives there all year round. Please respect their space by driving slowly & carefully, not stopping on other surrounding properties, do not leave any roadside litter, be respectful if visiting any local shops along the way and be thankful for this community to allow us into their space.


Trust your instincts. Do not accept drinks in open containers. Report suspicious behaviour.

Keep your valuables safe at all times, ideally on your person. Leave laptops and cameras at home.

BUTTS, the smokey kind!

The ground is not an ashtray, please respect the environment and the venue and keep cigarette butts off the ground.